Teaching: Letterpress Printing Process and Demo

Next available class is June 22nd. 
The art of letterpress is back but not exactly how press operators worked historically.  Back in the day including around when our press, Hazel, was built the craft consisted of how to print newspapers, flyers and items like checks without making an impression. Skilled letterpress operators could “kiss” print very well.  That skill is important today but now everyone wants to take advantage of printing on thicker and unique materials with a deeper deboss.  Design and operations of vintage letterpress machines such as our 1930’s Chandler and Price looks different.  It is a remarkable process!


We have enjoyed hosting events and providing tours of our small letterpress shop in Denver, CO.  As the demand from graphic designers and others has increased we started to wonder how we can provide classes to answer questions and show the process. Then the good folks at Dabble contacted us with the same interest asking if we have considered hosting classed on print making. Done and done! Here is information on our class with a link for registration at the end.

Learn and experience a step by step process and demonstration of a real 1930’s Chandler and Price letterpress in action. You will learn the start to finish basics of how a project is printed with tips to design effectively for quality letterpress output.

This class is great for graphic designers, artisans, history buffs, paper making, and marketing professionals. Also anyone generally interested in the history and modern-day brilliance of letterpress printing. It is a fun and interesting process to witness!

You will leave with stationery notes that we will make during the class and the skills to create print ready designs. Graphic designer and marketing professionals as well as anyone who creates a product looking for quality packaging can learn the process of working with letterpress and die cut shops such as ours.

REGISTER HERE for April 20


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