dual purpose letterpress stationery notes

We are always honored to create unique marketing pieces for a colleague in the wedding and event industry.  Rachel Hagen from Talia Events was looking to create a unique Valentine’s card she could send to clients and associates.  Talia Events is a wedding design and planning studio based in Boulder, Colorado.  We adore working with the founder Rachel Hagen and the entire Talia Events team.

We created a 2 in 1 concept that would allow her to use the stationery as a Valentine’s card as well as an everyday thank you note.  Each flat paneled card is composes of a thick bright white Crane’s cotton stock.  We blind impressed the Talia Events logo on each note.  To do this we load the press with a slightly tinted white ink to create a white on white impression which gives a sheen to the blind deboss.  Each card is letterpress printed on the front and blank on the back for writing a personal note.

For the Valentine’s concept we created a flat printed pink on pink belly band that slid over the note card with the Valentine’s message.  When the band was removed the logo was revealed.  Each note was mailed in a grey blue envelope flat printed with the return address to match the Talia brand.

The end result was a super unique chic marketing concept with a tactile, luxurious feel.  We loved designing and creating this super unique 2 in 1 concept.

A little more about Talia Events…
Talia Events works alongside couples to delve into what makes their relationship unique. Pairing those passions, travels, tales, and quirks with creativity designing one-of-a-kind, deeply personal and memorable weddings.  Additionally, they utilize over 10 years of event planning experience to manage the logistics and details required to bring the concept to fruition, ensuring the stress and pressure of the wedding planning process doesn’t overwhelm the beauty of the day.  Please visit the Talia Events website for more information.

2 thoughts on “dual purpose letterpress stationery notes

  1. Thanks Julie! I loved these cards for Valentines’ Day and am still enjoying them as little notes for clients, vendors and as thank yous.

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