nominated for “best invitation” – confetti magazine

JS Design – custom has been named an award finalist for “Best Invitation” through Confetti magazine for the 2009 ICON Awards. The ICON Awards honors the best and brightest professionals in the special events industry in Colorado. The ICON Awards Gala will take place on February 29, 2009 at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts where the winners will be announced.

confetti magazine cover 2009

confetti magazine cover 2009

confetti magazine - invite feature / bottom left

confetti magazine - invite feature / bottom left

 The invitation nomination was for the wedding of Steven and Megan Gage; held in Beaver Creek, Colorado on June 7, 2009. The custom conture invitation featured a Thai silk box embroidered with the couples monogram and Swarovski crystals. Each box was adorned with a rhinestone button closure. When opened a tri-panelded invitation was found at the bottom of the box with a handmade tuxedo bow band and silver aspen leaf. The inner box top featured a fabric pocket which held all of the extra pieces.  Each invitation was mailed in a silver metallic mailing box with a tri-paneled custom guest label. The end result was a stunning, exquisite, absolute one-of a kind design.  A definite CHIC IDEA…

invitation box top with monogram and crystals; photo by:

invitation mailing box and label; photo by:

invitation box inside opened mailing box; photo by:

invitation box inside opened; photo by:

extra cards inside fabric pocket; photo by:

A special thank you goes out to Lynda Hanshaw with Lynda Hanshaw Photography for photographing the invitation. I also would love to thank Steven and Megan Gage and Heather Allen from Table 6 Productions for sending Steven and Megan to us.

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